Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tattoos - A Poem

“Tattoos” — Poem published in BloodLotus: An Online Literary Journal, August, 2011.

Blood Lotus is a great lit journal, and I'm thrilled they published this poem. I've pasted it below, but be sure to check out the journal because these people are doing great things with poetry and prose. Cheers!


a bright blue celtic cross
tattooed on my forearm
the first one, a dare

proud, green vines and
grapes etched into my leg
i thought i was finished

i fell down again, ended up
with a deck of cards on my hip
a salute to the will of chance

i almost lost my life, wound
up with nothing but a body
my wrist now says: vive la liberte

and a broken bone runs
across my arm, that one
just looked really cool

© Isaac James Baker

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