Sunday, March 4, 2012

Three Exciting Wines from the Jura

The other day I had the opportunity to taste some wines from the Jura at Weygandt Wines. They're not for sale yet, but Weygandt is excited about getting them. These three wines are all from the same producer, Domaine de la Pinte, in the Arbois appellation. One chardonnay and two reds from unique varieties. After tasting these three wines, I'm thrilled about the quality and the price. I believe all of these will come in at less than $25. Since there's not a huge market for Jura wines, it's a great pleace to explore.

2010 Domaine de la Pinte Arbois Pupillin - France, Jura, Arbois Pupillin
I tasted this blind with Peter Weygandt and knew it was going to be something unique. Sure enough, it is. Light yellow color. Ripe pineapple leads the way on the nose, but there's also an aroma like olive oil and salt. The palate starts off quite fruity and ripe, with white peach and pineapple. A second later, the acid comes ripping in, followed by a saline aspect. The effect is a bold but balanced wine. There is complexity packed into this wine that needs years to evolve. I'd love to put some of these sideways for 10+ years and see what happens. (90 pts.)

2010 Domaine de la Pinte Arbois "del Ami Karl" - France, Jura, Arbois
Another great surprise. This wine is made from 100% poulsard. Light ruby color in the glass, and very clear. Very interesting aromas. There's an aroma that reminds me exactly of turkey gravy, really unique but kind of strange. There's some currant tea aromas underneath. I tasted this blind, but I knew it was Jura. There's something about the aromas in Jura wines, I just love it. The palate shows bright fruit, lots of acid, and smooth tannins. Currants, rose petal and meat gravy flavors glide over the palate. There's enough fruit from make this more than just a "nerdy" wine, as we all described it. I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to when it hits the store this summer. (90 pts.)

2009 Domaine de la Pinte Arbois "a la capitaine" - France, Jura, Arbois
Tasted blind and I was very impressed. Vibrant ruby color in the glass with thick legs. The color is clear and fresh like a light pinot color. Aromas of rose, black cherry and baking spices. The fruit is pure and matched with gritty tannins. There's this delicious inkiness here that reminds me of some California syrah, but then there's this rush of minerals that comes in and completely takes over. The finish is laced with chocolate shavings and charcoal, but those minerals never go away. This wine is really delicious. It would win over new world fans with its strength and power, but wow Jura fans with its complexity and those dark, earl grey tea tannins. I can't wait til this becomes available for purchase. (91 pts.)

Here's a map of this lesser known region:

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