Monday, August 6, 2012

A Bargain-Priced Aussie Chardonnay

This wine is four years old, which is interesting because screwtop Australian chardonnays are normally consumed within a year or two of release. And it’s probably just some slip-up in distribution that brought this wine to the shelves of a random wine shop in New Jersey last week. Whatever the case may be, this ended up being a nice way to spend $12. 

The first aroma that hits reminds me of freshly-cut Granny Smith apples, the really good farmer’s market kind that smell so fresh and alive. But there’s also some caramel popcorn and butter, giving the aromas richness and depth. I like the lively acid on the palate. There’s also some rich honey and caramel over top of fresh apple fruit. This wine shows no signs of being oxidized or in decline. Rather, it’s developed quite well. I love this honeyed apricot flavor I get. There’s even a bit of minerality and sea shell, similar to what you’d find in a basic-level Chablis. Seriously, this is an impressive Australian chardonnay. The "lightly wooded" label means about a quarter of the wine was aged in a mixture of older French and American oak. That oak, combined with fresh acid and ripe fruit, delivers a balanced package. I scored it a solid 86 points.
I cooked up some huevos rancheros to go with this using eggs, corn tortillas, parmesan cheese, fresh tomatoes, diced onion and garlic, oregano and cajun spices. The wine had enough zippy acid and fresh fruit to hold up quite well with the dish. Not bad for a Sunday night! 

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