Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Guest Post: A Wine and Food Tour of Santorini

This is a guest post from Winerist, a travel website dedicated to bringing unique and unforgettable experiences to food and wine enthusiasts worldwide. From staying with winemakers in California to cycling through the vineyards of Chile, Winerist believes that wine and food travel can be simple.

It’s often argued that Santorini is home to Greece’s best wines. Perhaps, we think it’s your duty as a wine traveler to head straight to Santorini and settle this debate.
With so much to do and see, we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite tours and hotels to help you along the way. And whether you agree or not, one thing’s for sure: Santorini is Greece’s little gem — a beautiful paradise for wine travelers.

Santorini Panorama and Wine-Tasting Tour
This tour begins with a stop off at Santorini’s famous volcanic caldera where you will receive an introduction to the history and unique scenery before heading to the famous Black Beach. You will then make your way to a traditional winery to learn about winemaking and sample wines as well as delicious, local appetizers. Finally, the day will end with a scenic drive to the highest point in Santorini where you can marvel at the breathtaking views surrounding you.

Cooking and Tasting Experience
So you’ve sampled the wine and food on offer in Santorini, but how about trying your hand at preparing your own Santorinian feast? You will master popular Greek dishes with the help of a local chef, using fresh, local ingredients. Discover the best techniques to bring out the most intense flavors before finishing the day off by enjoying your food with a glass of wine.

Vedema Resort
Built around a 400-year-old wine cellar, Vedema Resort is the perfect destination for Santorini’s wine tourists. Surrounded by vineyards and luscious views, this luxury hotel presents the treasures of the Mediterranean. In this beautiful villa you’ll experience a real slice of the relaxed philosophy that captivates Santorini.

Loizos Stylish Residences
Everything about the Loizos Apartments screams luxury, style and comfort. Located in Fira, Santorini’s beautiful capital, the hotel offers luxurious accommodation with stunning views of the island’s caldera. This hotel caters to its guests, so if you need advice on where to go, what to see or where to eat, the friendly staff will be happy to help.

Astrea House
If you’re planning on travelling with a large group of friends of family, this is the hotel for you. Astrea House is a beautiful villa in Fira overlooking the impressive caldera and the inviting Aegean Sea. It sleeps up to 8 people and is the perfect, authentic accommodation for wine travelers looking for a villa close to the island’s action complete with captivating views. 

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