Friday, November 6, 2015

Pictures from a Recent Trip to Napa & Sonoma

The Napa River is an interesting place, a narrow, relatively shallow waterway dotted with vacation homes, locals fishing for bass, precariously flood-prone vineyards and all sorts of birds. It's a unique ecosystem that will hopefully be preserved for generations to come.
In the town of Napa, one can purchase meats. These are good meats to eat.

With old vines, dusty red soil, gorgeous hills, lots of sunshine, a sense of rich earthiness pervades the Monte Rosso Vineyard and its wines.

French oak barrel-maker Seguin-Moreau is an important element in the Napa wine trade. This French-owned company (which makes barrels for Remy Martin) also provides cooperage for many prominent local wineries. These heavily toasted ones are destined for Bourbon.
Louis Martini crafts some beautiful Cabernets, especially from the gnarly old vines in the Monte Rosso Vineyard. Owned by the Gallo Family, a California wine industry behemoth, Martini produces a wide range of Napa and Sonoma wines at all price points.
The Monte Rosso Vineyard dates back to the 1880s. It's a real gem of Sonoma Valley winemaking history.
In late October, the harvest is complete, the juice is fermenting, and the sun sets on the cool southwest side of the Mayacamas.

The Bubble Room at Sonoma's J Vineyards provides a fascinating and thrilling culinary experience. Chef Erik Johnson uses hyper-local ingredients to craft stunning plates; the execution, presentation and service are top-notch. If you like food, wine, Sonoma and memories, you must visit.
When you enter the MacMurray Ranch, time seems to stand still. The place is alive with a hypnotic and living history.
The dinner at MacMurray Ranch was the food highlight of the trip, and Chef Gia Passalalacqua's grilled California squid may be the best I've ever tasted. On the left, Kate MacMurray may be the most gracious person I've had the pleasure of meeting on a wine trip.
The MacMurray Ranch, purchased by actor Fred MaMurray in 1941, is an ethereal spot. This sprawling estate in Sonoma's Russian River is composed of many different slopes, soils and microclimates, and its home to some delicious Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, among others.

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