Friday, January 15, 2016

Dry January? Nah, Wine & Healthy Lifestyle Pair Perfectly

It’s a New Year, and we’re all supposed to make some sort of resolution to change things. Eat healthier, get more exercise, etc., etc. — these declarations of intent generally require more self-restraint and less indulgence. 

But wine can (and in my opinion, should) be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. In 2016, I plan to surf as much as I can (which is always my resolution), travel to new places, keep up with my workout regimen and drink more sparkling wine. 

The holidays are over, but why not keep the bubbles flowing into the new year? Champagne and Champagne-method sparkling wines from other regions are bright, crisp, complex and wonderfully for pairing with shellfish, fish, salads, all the things you're telling yourself you need to eat more of in 2016. 

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