Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Low Alcohol Wines For the Win

Damn, I love Madiera. And Port. And high-octane Cali Zinfandel. But, sometimes, I don't want to drink wine that is going to get me blitzed (at least not immediately).

I taste a lot of huge California, Australian, Chilean and Rhone wines, and so many of them are pushing 15%-plus alcohol. (Thanks climate change + candy-loving palates + delayed picking!)

But I love light-bodied wines with low alcohol and refreshing acidity.

However, I don't like to sacrifice on flavor. For me, the most refreshing, crisp, oceanic, exciting wines on the planet come from the rocky soils

As part of Snooth's Wine Writers Round-Up series, I and some other writers offered our thoughts on some low alcohol wines. Check out the piece here. Cheers!

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