Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Cool Wine Cork Craft With Just 2 Ingredients! (Corks + Fire)

Wine corks are great for making crafts. Coasters, bulletin boards, holiday tree decorations... you can do so many cutesy and crafty things with your leftover wine corks. Sure you could peruse dozens of Pinterest boards for detailed instructions on how to make a treasure chest or something... or you could just follow these two easy steps to make an awesome project with your wine corks.

Step 1: Gather corks into a large paper bag.

Step 2: Place bag of corks in a roaring pit of flame.

Corks are made of compressed tree bark, and they burn like mofos. They expand with heat and burn for an impressive length of time. Flaming wine corks make great kindling if you have some wet logs you're trying to get burning.

Wasn't that fun? Yay cork crafts!

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